This page is an index of some abstracts that may be helpful regarding the SEHR project. The SEHR documentation is devided in different categories: Introduction to SEHR, SEHR RFC's, guides for customers (Users), administration and developping. 

Currently there are three documentation groups we're focussing with different kind written informations:

The customer and service documentation is still in preparation. Currently the growing community of early adaptors are reporting their experiences as well as problems so the SEHR team is fixing the SEHR modules. On the other hand they are working on a documentation which reflects the "real world" of usage close as possible. The Documentation for Developers is a module specific documentation (capturing, specifications, processes, use cases etc.) and can be found at the SEHR project site as well as within the modules (Javadocs). Each module of the SEHR framework has documentation pathes called "doc-help-man" and "doc" (build by Javadoc). The documentation of any SEHR module starts with the Specification DocumentGuide for Writing Specifiations). The module / source documentation is updated frequently by the developers if they commit their sources to the repository as a new version/release.  On this site administrators will find some documents how to setup and run a SEHR community server - Adminsitrators will not find basics i.e. how to install Linux, Apache Tomcat or J2EE. We willl try to harmonize the documentation in the direction of a "medium know how" targeting adminstrators with more knowlwdge about the system environment and less knowledge on user side.

The CVS tree (for developers) and files of released modules are placed at the project site. There are also some binary distributions with service and support (customer helpline) available by some consultants. In Germany contact comagere ( for more informations.

Some documentations are written in german (sorry) but they are still in progress of translation. 

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Updated 2004-11-25