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The work on this site is still in progress, but there are some facts you may be interested in:
  • SEHR is a working title and stands simply for a System for Electronic Healthdata Recording
  • The concept and experience in dataprocessing is growing since 10 years in different field trials; General practitioners as well as hospital professionals, ambulatory care specialists and pharmacologists have been involved; In 2004 some evaluated modules and the EU ENV 13606[more(1)] based datamodel becomes OpenSource
  • SEHR is a client-server solution based on modules to manage the documentation, informations and care processes of patients in integrated care environments.
  • SEHR is not another patient (data recording) system - it is focused on processes and workflows of integrated care to improve the quality of care and efficiency of available resources.

Our goal is to build a JIT (just in time) networking groupware to share informations about patients in managed and integrated care.

Your SEHR team 

(1) Dipak Kalra, Progress Towards EN 13606 - Status Report 2004,  University College London

On the international trade fair MEDICA 2004 the SEHR concept was presented as 'process based workflows for improving efficiency in healthcare' by DeutscheTelekom more.

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